These are short clips our the AZ house just before we purchased it, the house came complete with all furnishing; as pictured.
Double click on any picture (some clips are sideways, my fault) to return to this page press the ‘BackSpace’ key

Front from Left A Front of House C Front from Center Front from Left Front from Right Left Side A Back Yard A Back Yard B Back Yard C
Entrance B
Road from entrance Back Yard D Dinning Room A
Back Yard E Entrance A Dinning Room B
Back Yard F
Kitchen B Kitchen A Utility Room B Utility Room A Living Room A Living Room E Living Room B Living Room C Living Room D Hallway
Bedroom Master A Bedroom Master B Bedroom Master C Bathroom Master A Bathroom Master B Bedroom Spare A Bedroom Spare B Bathroom Spare A Bathroom Spare B Garage A Garage B